Arrival of Teams: Yumit, Kijami, Assert ID, Numote

Projects & Participants

It has been an intense week here at the Start-Up Chile Headquarters seeing as we have received four more teams in the past 6 days. The first ones to arrive were Jorge Díaz and Pablo Delgado from Yumit on Thursday, January 6th, 2011. As they landed, Jorge was already feeling the excitement and was anxious to get to work. Both Jorge and Pablo are originally from Spain, though Jorge was previously living in California. Yumit is a gastronomy based social network where one can digitally share their favorite dishes and restaurants with friends and other network members.


Kijami was the second team to arrive. Brian Bigelow landed early morning on Sunday January 9th, 2010 along with his wife Miyuki, who is looking forward to volunteering with local nonprofits while in Chile. Miyuki’s interest mirrors Kijami’s purpose– building next generation tools to help nonprofits and NGOs raise money.  They are currently working on a Farmville-like game called Kijami Village that is philanthropically focused.  They hail from Seattle and, as of now, they loved the Santiago weather and are is looking forward to making the most of the Start-Up Chile experience.

Kijami - Brian & Miyuki

On that same Sunday, just 3 hours later, Assert ID touched down on Chilean soil. The entrepreneur behind Assert ID is Keith Dennis, who is the President of the company and originally from California. He has more than 15 years of experience in the software industry and now his mission with Assert ID is to make the internet a safer place by offering Online Identity Verification– a tool that allows internet users to factually know who they are interacting with. Keith is vivacious and excited to further develop Assert ID.

Keith - Assert ID

A couple of days later, on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 we received the Numote team. Robert Balousek and Vijay Kailas come from San Francisco and are ready to take Numote to the next level. Numote transforms TV watching into a shared experience with friends by personalizing TV experience with gossip and recommendations delivered to your mobile phone. Robert is just going to be here in Chile for a couple of weeks, while Vijay will take over and be part of the Start-Up Chile program for the six month duration.