Arrival of Teams 7+8: AndroidIM, Entrustet

Projects & Participants

Narrowly escaping the quickly plummeting temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere, Shahar, Nathan, and Jesse arrived to Santiago on the morning of Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 to participate in the 2010 Start-Up Chile program.  As teams numbers seven and eight, they will start work on their projects immediately and will join the other teams in various activities such as the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Nathan, Shahar, and Jesse-- Welcome to Chile!

Shahar, the first to land in Chile, is a Tel Aviv native who was previously living in San Francisco after living in New York City and various cities throughout Europe.  He is a former Microsoft employee, having worked with them for four years, and is here in Chile to develop his project called AndroidIM.  As explained by Shahar, the project’s aim is to facilitate the Android application world for developers and, thus, clients.  He and his soon-to-arrive business partner, Dan, are looking to create a specific platform that will facilitate the marketing and money-making process for Android developers.  For those interested, they are looking to add front- and back-end developers to their team.

Second to arrive to Chile were Nathan and Jesse who make up the Entrustet team, originally from Madison, Wisconsin.   The project is rooted in securing one’s digital assets after death, which, as noted by the team, can at times be a bit of a downer, but is a necessary job that is new to the online world.  Jesse explained that the idea occurred to him after reading The World is Flat and was thus inspired to continue on with its execution, mentioning that “three Facebook users die every minute, yet Facebook has no idea who’s dead”– which is where Entrustet comes in.  Having been featured in Mashable and WIRED among others, Entrustet has a potent board of advisors that will help guide them, along with their Start-Up Chile mentor, during their time here in Chile.

These teams add to the diverse bunch that will be even further rounded out by the end of the month, with arrivals nearly every day until the end of November.  To keep up-to-date on the upcoming arrivals and their subsequent progress, please subscribe to this blog.

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