Application results to be published on August 30th!


The time has come, friends. The cherry of the cake for the SUPWeek starting next week will be the release of the application results for our 5th funding round. 1509 teams applied to be part of Start-Up Chile´s 5th generation, and the time for each one to know whether they made it or not is almost here. Only 100 startups will make it to the Start-Up Chile family.

On August 30th at 4.30 pm (SCL time) meet us online for a Twitcam and we will let you know the results of our latest application process (the one that finished on July 10th). Links to join the Twitcam will be posted minutes before 4.30 pm on August 30th. Keep an eye on our Twitter as well, we always share over there the links you need to follow our live streaming sessions.

To those who applied, best of luck and keep your fingers crossed till August 30th!