Announcing– 2nd Application Round to Open in July Seeking 100 Startups

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Start-Up Chile announces the aperture of 2011’s second application process, yet again seeking to select, fund, and host up to 100 startup companies in Chile.

During the first trimester of 2011, a similar process was conducted resulting in the selection of 110 startups from 28 nations– 90 of which are coming to Chile. The goal for the year 2011 is to attract up to 300 startups, and 1000 before the culmination of 2014.

The process will commence during the second week of July and will be open, for the first time, to entrepreneurs of all nationalities, both residing in and outside of Chile.

Criteria the applicants will be judged on include:

  • quality of talent and commitment of the founding team members,
  • international market potential of the project, and
  • value of the applicant’s affiliated networks that will be injected into the Chilean entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Judges determining the scoring of said criteria will be industry experts, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs with strong backgrounds in executing and advising startups. All startups will be judged equally under the same criteria.

Applications must be submitted in English via the Start-Up Chile website,, where further information regarding application and participation in the program can be also be found.

To read the official Press Release, please click this link: