Airbus executives look to Start-Up Chile to improve their company


The airline company, better known for manufacturing aircraft, was visiting Chile to meet Start-Up Chile organizational culture, to learn new experiences and to innovate in their organization.




Senior executives from Airbus company, specifically from the area of Defense and Space, came to our country this week. The goal: to improve their internal culture, collecting experiences of domestic firms. “We define this trip as a learning expedition. Chile is moving fast in terms of innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship. So we wanted to come to this country to pass such experiences to our organizational culture, “said Christophe Lemercier, Policy Director for Earth Observation, Navigation and Science.


After an internal assessment that eventually qualify their culture as “very structural”, some managers talked about the importance of generating innovation and leadership in their company to be better prepared to compete with other giants who are awakening in the aerospace industry, like China and Google. To perform this change, they chose Start-Up Chile, which was considered a leader in these areas.


The members of the committee had the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs of the program, with whom they shared experiences through lectures, workshops and mentoring for an entire day.


At the end of the activities, the executives said they were impressed with the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem of our country, while being very satisfied reviewed the lessons learned.