Agile World Tour Visits Chile


Andre Explains Junar, Agile Lean Day Chile 2010

Taking cue from the growing method of Lean Startups and adding Chile to the worldwide list of Agile Day participants, Agile Lean Day Chile completed its fourth annual conference on October 18th with a record number of attendants.  The University of Chile‘s Computer Science Department was the host of the full-day event that included talks covering subjects from agile thinking after the major earthquake in Chile this past February to Software Craftsmanship to What We Hate about Agility (playing the devil’s advocate, of course).

Accompanying the more than 260 participants, Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs from each project attended the event to network with professors, community leaders, and fellow startup hopefuls.   Organized, naturally, by Agíl Chile and the University of Chile’s Computer Science and Mathematical and Physical Science departments, and sponsored by companies such as ACTI (Chilean Association of IT Businesses), Digitales Chile, and Agile Tour 2010, there was never a shortage of both technical and social interest when it came to the Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs.

Andreas with Agile Lean Day Chile Participants

Paige, CEO of Tripeezy, the third program participant to arrive to Chile, commented that the event “was great to network with software engineers that use lean and agile startup techniques.”  As one of the few female entrepreneurs in technology, she adeptly manages an in-depth knowledge of these sorts of topics and technical tools, adding: “since I practice lean startup techniques in the development of my company it was great to meet software engineers who follow similar practices in agile development.”

Though the presentations were given in Spanish, the dominant conversational language was English– which made pitching their projects a breeze.  Paige, along with the rest of the Start-Up Chile participants, had various opportunities to speak with interested parties during an exclusive lunch the team was invited to at Club Hípico, just off the campus of the University of Chile.  Business cards were exchanged, ideas were tossed around, and everyone left with full stomachs and buzzing brains.

It was one of many events in which the Start-Up Chile team will participate during their time here in Chile.  To keep up-to-speed regarding upcoming events that we will take part in, please subscribe to this blog and you will receive constant updates sent directly to your email.

**Special thanks to Agustín Villena, professor at the University of Chile and Leader of the Chilean Agile Software Development Community, for the invitation.

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