Start-Up Chile (SUP) is a public startup accelerator created by the Chilean Government for high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups and use Chile as a foundation. Today, Start-Up Chile is the leading accelerator in LATAM, among the TOP 10 globally, and one of the biggest and most diverse startup communities in the world. Start-Up Chile has been a global game changer. After it was created, 50 countries followed suit and created similar programs.

Since 2016, Start-Up Chile’s new goals are to ensure that Chile remains a world hub for technological innovation and to be known as drivers of technological enterprises that impact the domestic economy positively. Go here to know more about the Start-Up Chile impact

Our programs

Start-Up Chile has a large portfolio, receiving in between 200 – 250 companies a year. This deal flow is represented by 2 programs based on the stage of the startup. After TSF and Seed, you can apply to other Corfo follow on funds


8 month experience. 50%-60% co-funding up to

$75.000.000 CLP

Around $91.000 USD


Programa de Aceleración

A parte del subsidio y el espacio de co-work, Start-Up Chile ofrece un programa de aceleración que incluye:

SUP Academy

Trainning program (workshops, talks and other activities), Platoons (peer to peer meetings) and pitch trainning.


Local and global mentors, investors and networks in different industries


External and internal events (Demo Day and Tech Evenings).


Soft-landing and internal activities to promote the networking and the creation of a community.

Where can you find us

We have






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