A Week in Review– Welcoming the Second Generation

Projects & Participants

As the second group of Start-Up Chile’s second generation, 67 new startups comprised of 130 people from 33 different countries arrived to Chile on January 16th to begin participating in our governmentally-backed accelerator program.

The week commenced with a speech by Start-Up Chile’s executive director, Jean Boudeguer, about what the entrepreneurs should expect during their 6+ month stay in the country which was then followed by two days of basic workshops about how to receive the capital, the Return Value Agenda, and Start-Up Chile communications. In the afternoons the entrepreneurs were taken by our staff to process all of their international visas that permit them to work in Chile for one year.

Wednesday and Thursday provided the main opportunity for everyone to pitch each of their projects– approximately 50 of the new startups presented to their attentive peers.

Daniel Ponce, a Bolivian entrepreneur adds, “I think something that we really appreciate is the opportunity to be surrounded by people who in some way share the vision to create great things and make big changes.”

When asked what is best about being a part of Start-Up Chile, Arik Meyer from Germany stated: “lots of inspiring discussions with like-minded entrepreneurs and an overall positive atmosphere.”

Welcome to Chile everyone!