“Oh! It’s taking too much time to get started. How am I going to complete my work quickly? Uh, will it freeze again while I’m in the middle of modifying an important document?” – We all have had such arguments going on in our minds when our computers and laptops do not start up in time. It’s really frustrating and you might think that you are the only one facing this problem, right? Well, at least the good part is that you’re not alone in this. Even the leading business industries, Dubai company formation firms, marketers and professional workers face this problem too but they look into the solution of solving this issue.


By Brenda Cagara


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A slow startup is a sign that your computer is in danger. There are some issues going on that are making your PC slow. It can be the excessive startup items, any malware or desktop threat, or the bloated system. If not taken care of, this can lead to hard drive failure or system crashing error. To save you from the misery and expense, we are here with the best solutions to a slow start up. Here are the three steps to fix your device.

  1. Keep the computer protected with a good antivirus and update the drivers


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A lot of different companies have manufactured the anti-viruses covering a range of different threats and malware. All you need to do is download the free version and use it. Soon it’ll expire as the manufacturers demand that you buy a premium version. If you own a business and need computers and laptops for the department, then you should buy the premium version. This version of the antivirus offers unique safety features and complete protection to the data and work documents that are present in the computers. And this is really necessary to do if you want to keep the documents safe. Also, scan your computer for Spyware. It automatically installs itself on the computer and creates unwanted CPU activity, uses disk space and increases network traffic. Get rid of it as soon as possible.

Moreover, keep your antivirus up to date so that it can fix even the latest threats and system errors. By keeping the drivers of the machine up-to-date you can increase the startup speed of the computer as well.

  1. Take care of the unneeded startup items and temporary files:


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When the window starts, a number of different programs start as well. They get ready for use. Now, even if you don’t need them or use them, they’ll be automatically running in the background. This uses up the system resources and overloads the memory as well. You need to look into this problem. It’s better to find out the programs that you do not need straight away and turn them off. You can go to ‘msconfig’ and disable the unneeded programs from there. Another thing that you can do to reduce the memory usage and solve the slow startup issue is to delete the temporary files. They are the internet explorer’s browsing history that adds up and is stored in the depth of the PC. Once you get rid of them, you’ll feel the change yourself.

  1. Avoid overheating of the device or the processor:


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It is very important to make sure that your computer or laptop is not overheating. In case if it is, there are chances that the computer performance will be affected by this. The processors will work slowly in order to produce less heat to compensate for the system heat up. The heat generation also depends on the model of the computer and its usage. If your computer/ laptop are getting overheated, consider checking the function of the RAM or you can replace it with the higher one. Other than this, check whether the fan of the computer is working properly or not. Also, keep your machines clean. Vacuum the exterior and remove the dust and dirt from it. Avoid using liquid solvent on the machine.

 These are the three effective ways, which if followed, can easily improve the performance of your computer and laptops. These machines require a little extra care and by providing it, you can save yourself from all the trouble and frustration.

Author Bio: Brenda Cagara

Brenda Cagara has a five years’ experience in writing for hardware, windows, websites and blogs. She assists Riz & Mona Consultancy IT Department who offer Dubai freezone company setup and business setup services. She can write on a variety of niches but her expertise lies in IT, Computer and Web. The other services that the company she works with provides include trade license, visa processing, bank account opening, product registration, trademark, local sponsors and many more.

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