A new generation of Seed and Huella has been selected: 21% of them are led by women

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93 startups are ready to join Start-Up Chile to accelerate their business using Chile as a platform to go global (Seed and Huella). The entrepreneurs will arrive to Chile on February 4th to start their expansion in the LATAM market. 

Santiago, November 2019.- The Seed (acceleration program for companies with a functional product and early validation)  and Huella (acceleration program for projects with an economic, social and environmental impact) programs, are looking to attract world-class entrepreneurs to do business in Chile. They have an important mission to scale using this country as a platform.

Due to our context, these are great news. More and more startups are looking at our country as a great ecosystem for their business. Chile offers unique conditions for startups and we´ll continue improving that in order to help more entrepreneurs to grow”, said Sebastian Diaz, CEO of Start-Up Chile. 

The majority of the startups selected are Chilean (37). After that, the most represented are from Argentina (21), USA (7), Brazil (5) and Colombia (4), among others from 19 countries. Regarding industries, the selected companies are from IT Software, Energy, Sustainability & Environment and Retail Wholesales & Consumer Products. “Diversity is a key component for ecosystems. With more diversity, more innovative solutions will come out of that and Chileans will benefit from this global perspective that we are putting in the ecosystem”, said Diaz. 

The selected startups will receive 25 million pesos (USD $ 40,000 app) and a complete acceleration process, which includes mentoring, pitch training and workshops among other activities. All foreigners also receive a work visa for one year, so they can grow their business from our country. In addition, startups may apply for an extension to access another 25 million pesos once the initial program ends.

For more information, and if you would like to apply (next application process for Seed and Huella will open on March 2020), visit www.startupchile.org

The selected startups for Seed G23 are: 

Acción Circular: AcciónCircular automates the recycling of companies, using IoT resources. Our network of transporters receives the requests of pickings, an optimal route and a place where recycle the waste. With the traceability of the waste and the information on the platform, we help big companies to obey the extended responsibility producer law.

AG-VIEWER: Multi-source, hardware-agnostic platform for agriculture.  a web app smart decision support system that integrates via API’s most important agriculture telemetry systems in the world, strongly oriented to optimize water use and maximizing the production of agricultural systems.

AIBEE: AIBee is a company with two pillars: Precision beekeeping & best bees.monitoring for hives and for pollination, with intelligent IoT machinery that obtains data, analyzes it and advises the user in real-time.AIBee facilitates the meeting to pollinate, management and payments, with a focus on quality and bee-friendly policies

AIEV: Artificial Intelligence in Electric Vehicles Fleets: AIEV is an Artificial Intelligence platform for electric vehicle (EV) fleets; delivers aggregated information on environmental, economics and operations key indicators, and generates recommendations to optimize EVfleets, increase lifetime on EVbatteries and reduce OPEX, all through an automatized platform. This allows EV owners to take timely actions and save money.

Armarium: Armarium is a shared online closet where you can borrow, buy and exchange second-hand clothes selected by curators.

Atrapuntos SpA: Prosper Points is a mobile app that incentivizes employees to optimize phone use while at work. Employers can add internal incentives in addition to a marketplace of discounts found on the app. Simultaneously, it is a mobile digital marketing tool for business

Banquetealo: Banquetealo is catering made simple. We connect companies with the best local catering services. You can find, schedule and pay online your quality catering.

Bellas Shop: Bellas is an online booking platform that connects beauty professionals with clients. Users can browse through portfolios, make and see reviews, book appointments and pay. Beauty professionals will have tools that will help them grow their business, see statistics to better understand their financial status and retain clients.

BIOSAMER: Biosamer develops biotechnological products for mass markets: Innovative products for daily use and that improve people’s quality of life. The first development is Probiogurt, an innovative probiotic that transforms milk into functional yogurt without lactose that strengthens the immunity. It also works with plant-based drinks

CAMIO APP: CAMIO APP, is the UBER of big things, we connect people with big cars with people who need to move things. And this gives the chance of the retail to deliver the last mile of big things in 90 Min. And we also provide a good income to freelance.

Canduit: Canduit is a SaaS platform that allows universities and companies to collaborate on real-world projects, improving skill development, career readiness, and talent assessment.

Celerative: Deploy pre-screened technical teams in over 80 cities around the world. Manage them with real-time performance dashboards.

Celleric: In Celleric we are developing a web platform to assist karyotyping diagnosis with Artificial Intelligence. This solution speeds up the diagnosis process several times, reducing costs and results delivery times. We are moving towards the full automatization of the diagnosis pipeline.

Choriza POW!: Choriza POW!  is a food biotechnology company that develops any meat substitutes such as sausages, chorizos or burgers with the same great taste as a regular one made from plant-based protein.

Civixa: Civixa enables AI-based companies to adopt the AI-first approach. Data labeling and segmentation are perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of AI.Civixa.ai provide a fully automated tool for data labeling. We increase the efficiency by up to 99% and reduce the time and workforce by 50% with our algorithms.

ClickCard: ClickCard brings a business card to the future with a fast contact and a long lasting connection. Data and Metrics that weren’t before available are shown to the company. 

Contratapp: Contratapp is an App supported by Artificial Intelligence which provides legal services to the people: Contracts, legal advice, list of different kinds of professionals. But it mainly, secure the payment of any service, providing: On-line contracting services and on-line dispute resolution (without lawyers). Fast, Cheap and Eco-Friendly (Paper Less).

Coralys Health: Coralys Health is an eHealth platform of two parts: a mobile app capable of recognizing postures and giving instant feedback about how well the user is doing exercises, coupled to an online platform that enables physicians or physical therapists to have a record of improvement and video conferences with the patient

CreditTop: CreditTop is the best option to have the most convenient selection of credit in the market. We compare available loan options, estimate your monthly payment, and connect customers with the bank’s commercial advisor in real-time, all without leaving your home.

Curselo: Curselo offers both face to face and online course providers the right tools to successfully promote, sell and manage their courses.

CustomFit.ai: CustomFit.ai helps B2C companies in solving three of their major challenges with zero code changes. 1. How to increase app usability? 2. How to reduce user dropouts?3. How to know users better?CustomFit.ai is an intelligent ‘Experience-Engine’ for B2C Apps(Mobile/Web/IoT), using which B2C business can craft hyper-personalized app experiences.

Deal Engine Inc.: We provide SaaS solutions that maximize savings for corporate travel. Through monitoring flight details and leveraging cancellation terms, we capitalize on post-purchase price volatility and refund taxes on any unused flights. Deal Engine operates under a pay-for-success business model where we only charge a fraction of the savings we generate.

DILL: DILL’s cloud-based contract management platform allows teams to draft, redline, sign, collaborate and manage contracts all in one place. We use Artificial Intelligence to determine contract risks and manage legal matter lifecycles.

EcoFuels: EcoFuels provides a new sustainable process for treating Solid Plastic Waste that cannot be treated conventionally with a novel process for energy generation, contributing to circular Economy of Industry Management Waste.

EcoSync Ltd.: EcoSync is a multi-award-winning start-up company founded by the University of Oxford academics, developing a smart temperature control system combining AI-IT technologies – applied to real buildings. With EcoSync’s technology commercial buildings could reduce their ecological footprint, CO2 emissions, and energy usage while increasing the comfort level of the building users.

EduSynch: EduSynch is an online solution designed for institutions to affordably test English language proficiency at scale. Designed for companies, universities, schools, and individuals, the EduSynch platform helps institutions save time and money when testing the English proficiency of incoming students or new recruits.

ElegirSeguro.com: A 21st-century insurance brokerage platform powered by automated processes, robots, and licensed advisors to deliver you all the insurance coverage your business need, online. Understand, quote and most importantly, manage business insurance policies online.

Front: An app that helps you save and invest according to your personal goals and rewards you once you reach them. We combine behavioral economics and Nobel prize-winning investment methodologies with technology in order to create an automated and efficient financial assistant.

Fulljaus: Fulljaus is a Multi-Channel Gateway. Our platform works as a Seller Central, a simple, time-efficient way to convert any e-commerce platform into a Marketplace, allowing any vendor to sell in any e-commerce just as if it was the owner of the portal.

Future Chem SA: Fukam Korea is an innovative company that specializes in the development of new eco-friendly technologies in fire prevention and fire fighting industries, generating advanced solutions for various markets. We strive to increase fire security throughout the world by creating technologies that can be available to everybody.

GIVEMOVE SAS: We are a multidisciplinary team of young people passionate about providing practical and accessible solutions for society, facilitating their development and independent mobility of children with motor disabilities.

GoBots: GoBots helps online commerce to better communicate with their customers by using Artificial Intelligence and advanced dashboards which helps the customer service team and also provides the most relevant indicators to the management.

GroonApp: Mobile App that connects sports coaches with users so they can get together to do what they most like in different parks/squares. These users can make payments and reservations through the app and a percentage of the transaction goes to the maintenance of the used venue.

HOP Platform: Technology platform (hardware and software) for the management of shared e-mobility vehicle fleets for small, medium, and big entrepreneurs.

IMPRESEE: Impresee combines artificial intelligence and human emotions to take the user experience at e-commerce to the next level, through new and innovative tools like visual search, creative search, search by design, and visual recommendations.

Invuelto: Invuelto is a digital piggy bank that improves people’s financial health by developing the habit of money-saving. We develop “nudges” that help people to make their first saving easily (f.e. rounding up their purchases) and this money is invested automatically. Saving money with Invuelto is easy and automatic.

iOLED: iOLED is a cannabis-tech that offers an IoT solution that enhances photosynthesis in the absence of sunlight, which adapts to each plant variety. By monitoring and synchronizing environmental variables combined with information from each user, we determine the most energy-efficient growth.

Isbast real estate technology: Technological project that allows providing automated services to homeowners to sell them directly online and without requiring a property broker, with direct attention, access to online marketing, coaching and monitoring for seller-buyer, legal support; with a focus on quick sales, 24/7 service, and security.

Kubey Machine: Our solution is to help companies to have self-managed and customize the website for their business and their mobile apps in the Play Store and Apps Store. Also, the data on their Website is automatically synchronizing for mobile apps. And there are more, we give our clients Augmented Reality.

Lugaren: Homeowners don’t have to wait anymore 6 months or more and literally panic to sell their property and move to their next one. Lugaren offers to buy their property right away using AI and giving them a cash advancement for securing their next one.

MAPER: Maper helps companies monitor the health status of their machinery by assessing in real-time different operational parameters such as vibration, temperature, and energy consumption. This information eliminates unplanned downtime and reduces operating costs. Maper has developed its own hardware, algorithms, and app to provide an end-to-end solution for different industries.

Meatless SpA: Meatless Lovers is a company dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to the food industry. Our mission is to create vegan alternatives that simulate meat and its properties (protein level, texture, color, flavor) and in this way contribute to the population’s health and environment.

MonitorFish GmbH: MonitorFish, develops a plug-and-play, AI-based fish welfare monitoring system. It offers real-time analysis of critical water parameters in relation to fish behavior to detect any abnormal development among the fishes and suggests recommended actions to the fish farmer. Our technology reduces fish mortality while optimizing operational costs.

Monkey Test It: Automatically detect bugs and ways to improve your online presence. Find issues with your JavaScript, SEO, performance, security, and accessibility without writing any code or wasting time on manual testing. Bring your own CI system, or use our included scheduling service. Works with Slack. 

Moodbit: Moodbit is a People Analytics company that is focused on employee engagement and wellbeing. By using Machine Learning and EST, we can provide the team´s emotions analysis + an action plan for the employees and the managers. We also predict their productivity based on their mood.

Mumuki: Mumuki is a comprehensive solution to teach programming skills and computational thinking to people of all ages. We developed an online platform with interactive content to empower students and children in the classroom. In addition, we deliver teacher training which helps teachers improve their programming and computational thinking skills.

Muvter: Muvter offers a sustainable solution to the problem of overcrowded roads and urban pollution, helping people move around their cities in a convenient and accessible way, while simultaneously eliminating their carbon footprint since the scooters run on electricity.

My Feeting Room: My Feeting Room is a service that completely transforms the experience of selling shoes online, being able to predict which is the right size of every shoe, for every user. With just 3 pictures of the feet, it creates a 3D model and compares it with the shoe.

Mysocialfit: Mysocialfit improves health with a collaborative platform between unemployed sports professionals who publish outdoor activities (parks, squares, roofs …) and users looking for their city, reserve their favorite activity (yoga, pilates, zumba, boxing. ..) and only pay for use, saving 50% against the monthly fees.

Nenemi: New travel technology ecosystem, including a marketplace with certified experiences that implement Asian social media and SEO tools, and an e-learning course to train providers aiming at improving service quality. It is the first platform in LATAM designed for the Asian market that incorporates their social media and payment methods (Alipay).

Nua Technology: A customer service solution that automates answers to common and frequent requests by telephone, chat, and email. Leaving specialized and less often cases to human agents.

OneAire OÜ: OneAire helps airlines to maximize aircraft fleet maintenance optimization with timely, effective A.I based actionable insights to improve passenger comfort, enhance flight safety, and reduce cost. Its digital platform enables airlines, aircraft operators, MRO’s, aircraft leasing and insurance companies with real-time insights on how their aircraft are operated and maintained.

Phlox.Me: Phlox.Me is a unified messaging platform that integrates webchats, SMSs, social media and instant messaging services (such as Whatsapp) with legacy systems and in-company services to seamlessly deliver enhanced Customer Care, powered with Big Data and AI.

PIXDEA: We transform traditional education into a more active, practical and effective model by implementing a virtual reality classroom program in schools, where students receive access to unlimited use of the educational content we develop through an annual membership.

Posberry: Posberry provides merchants with a POS system that works online and offline by storing the data locally and it automatically syncs all information when users can access the internet again. The customer receives key analytics metrics as payment summaries,

Proyecto Moms: ProyectoMoms is a platform and digital community that connects female talent with the best companies that have flexible offers for them. We are a trusted professional resource for women and a reliable talent resource for companies.

Queritel.com: Queritel is a market research and customer insight tool for marketing teams to gather customer feedback, customer insights,  track customer experiences, collect industry insights through online insight communities and through our network of field researchers on location using their mobile phones to collect and upload live customer responses to surveys.

Raczum: Raczum is a platform that integrates video streaming services with marketplaces, allowing users to find products shown or mentioned in videos in real-time.

Redflip: Full service fixed-fee real estate broker powered by technology. With our fixed fees, we provide great savings to our clients, and powered by our technology, we simplify and optimize real estate transactions to complete them faster and painlessly.

Redpie: Redpie is a web platform that provides solutions to the professionals of the School Integration Programs (PIE) and special schools. With tools for automation, teamwork and access to information, it optimizes the work of professionals such as psychologists, speech therapists and differential educators, thus contributing to education.

Rentivo: Rentivo is a circular economy platform that helps parents to access a high-quality collection of kids gear on a renting and subscription-based model.

Resultadistas: Commercial management solution for medium-sized companies to definitely improve the ROI of advertising campaigns by being efficient throughout the sales process.

Reversso SpA: An integrable platform that manages returns, exchanges, and other post-purchase processes for eCommerce. It allows retailers to get closer to the customer and automate the generation of new orders, shipping labels, and credit notes. Besides we offer product exchanges at shopper´s door within 24 hours in our reverse logistics solution.

RIO analytics: RIO Analytics was founded in 2017 and uses the mass of data generated by equipment sensors to predict and prevent failures, reduce equipment downtime and increase operational efficiency through Artificial Intelligence. RIO analyzes sensor data in real-time using Machine Learning to continuously improve the insights and predictions it generates.

Sigmind: Sigmind is revolutionizing clinical psychiatry through the development of the first “laboratory analysis of the mind”. We are helping psychiatrists to improve the accuracy and efficiency of mental disorders diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up with an intuitive, quantitative and objective Artificial 

An intelligence-based toolbox that calculates metrics from a patient’s speech.

Simpleat: We offer healthy nutritious homemade meals ready in under 15 minutes. We apply technology that allows us to offer the convenience of frozen, plus outstanding quality by bringing the freshness of the farm to your table. Our meals are perfectly portioned, vacuum-packed with natural, good-for-you ingredients with no artificial additives.

Sindal SpA: Sindal is an AI tool that allows finding the best provider, reducing the delivery time and getting the most competitive price. Our clients can rely on us because we guarantee the best price at the best time.

Sistema de Gestion del Agua para el Ahorro y su uso Inteligente: Given the global reality of its scarcity, we develop JustWe! Water-Management to manage water and heating energy in homes and businesses. We provide a tool that contributes to the change in the Culture of Water allowing our users to MEASURE, COST, PLAN, ACT and SAVE more than 40% of water and energy.

Solven: Solven (www.solven.la) is a FinTech company, with a focus on Latin America, providing borrowers with the best available loans, from regulated institutions, 100% online.

SplitSpace: SplitSpace is an online marketplace that allows people and businesses to publish and find underutilized spaces. We provide short-term affordable rental to individuals and businesses looking for a place to work, organize gatherings, teach fitness classes, have events and more.

SWEATBITS SAS: SweatBits is the platform that solves the biggest problem of amateur sports, lack of proper information management.  Amateur tournaments lack big qualified audiences, sponsors, and enough investment resources, reducing their capacity to impact society.SweatBits provides management tools that take amateur tournaments to a new level.

TALSCALE: Talscale is a software platform that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers to assess their candidate’s skills by testing their code online. We are one of the first companies in the world to come up with project-based tech hiring for software developers

Todogar.com: Todogar, a real estate platform focusing on aligning incentives in the Real Estate Industry through the use of technology and innovation. We digitize and automate the whole process of buying or renting a property. Therefore, aligning the home buyers, homeowners, brokers and real estate  value chain incentives, making the process more satisfying for everyone

Touristia Inc.: Tourbitz is a platform where travel professionals can easily quote tour and activity itineraries, and sell them online.

TuHotelHoy: TuHotelHoy intends to be the first Latin American last-minute hotel reservation system, with three business units:1-Mobile2-Kiosks in airports3-Software that integrates airlines with hotels and passengers for last-minute requirements. We make tourism in cities smarter to enable someone who needs a last-minute hotel to find it easily.

Warecloud: We enable click &; collect points for online stores. Using the free space of houses or offices, we give online stores a wide range of locations for them to offer their customers the alternative to pick their products wherever and whenever they want.

WasteLab, Smart Tech for Recycling industry: WasteLAB creates value to the recycling industry through the development of new and innovative products made 100% with plastic waste and also incorporating smart technology by QR codes that allows industry and customers as well to obtain relevant information of the products and its afterlife Reutilization closing the cycle.

WELIVERY: Welivery is an urban logistics company that is transforming the way consumers, e-commerce and companies access local goods, send packages, and manage their logistics process day by day, enabling anyone to get nearly any product delivered on the same day or in a maximum of 24 h.

Wemart: Price comparison platform for online grocery shopping which makes information available to its users and products brands. It compares prices within your favorites brands, introduces you new ones, optimizes your budget and assists you in a convenient way to have your items delivered right at your door.

WHW: Prototype for a low-cost sensor, capable to measure and analyze the movements of pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles in public spaces.

Wymaq: Wymaq model contemplates 3 pillars- content generation, key for the industry’s evangelism. – the marketplace to link supply and demand under a B2B model. – management services that support both parts during the whole rental period, allowing access to additional services. The generated information is treated to develop new opportunities.

The selected startups for Huella G3 are: 

3Bee:  3Bee improves the vitality and health of bees, enabling the optimization pollination service. 3bee is the first company allowing precision pollination through a platform based on AI-IoT technologies. 

ACOT Systems SpA:  ACOT Systems es una empresa dedicada a innovación e integración tecnológica, con el objetivo de proponer soluciones a problemas medioambientales, como es el caso de incendios forestales. Somos un equipo profesional, orientado a superar las expectativas de nuestros clientes brindando soluciones integrales en sistemas automáticos de detección temprana de incendios 

Agrodream: Comprehensive platform that allows observing the spatial variability of lots with satellite images, airplanes and drones, preventively detect problems of vigor in plants, map them, design and execute targeted monitoring plans, perform preventive and focused treatments of agrochemicals, to reduce costs and Increase crop yield.

CityTech: Urban Insights is a smart public assistant that uses AI to capture data on the Internet of people expressing their opinions regarding urban issues. This data is transformed into insights that public managers can use to make better decisions and to understand citizens’ behavior, providing participatory urban governance.

CLIMATENZA Solar: CLIMATENZA designs, manufactures and promotes Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) technology for the development of cost-competitive, highly efficient and low-medium temperature industrial process heat systems. Our vision is to accelerate deployment of clean energy technologies across Industrial sector that currently depends upon the Industrial boilers which are operated using fossil-fuels.

Fotortec: We have developed a truly sustainable vegan source of protein to help nutrition manufacturers provide their consumers with smarter food because we believe a real food revolution can prevent more children dying from malnutrition.

HOBE: At Hobe we focus on a global problem, there are millions of people who have nowhere to sleep on any given day. So much for being in a street situation, refugees, immigrants arriving in a country with nothing, etc. We develop the first step to respond to this problem.

MenuToGo: MenuToGo is a platform for selling homemade, healthy and eco-friendly food, with nutritionally verified recipes that are prepared by housewives and / or unemployed women seeking new economic and social inclusion opportunities, where we also contribute with Caring for the environment with our biodegradable packaging and a CO2-free delivery system.

PolyNatural Holding SpA:  Shel-Life, organic solution based on vegetable ingredients that extends the shelf life of fruits in their post-harvest. Without modification of the packing line for applying it, Shel-Life controls the dehydration and microbial contamination process contributing to reducing food waste and synthetic chemicals in food.

Prócer Tecnologías: Procer is a device that converts printed and / or digital text into audio. It is designed for people with visual impairment. The text is obtained using the portable scanner, the built-in camera or a flash drive. It also detects the denomination of money, extracts relevant information from service invoices and functions as a magnifier.

Recybatt: Currently there are no recycling systems for spent batteries in Chile or Latinamerica, Recybatt is the eco friendly alternative to recycle spent household batteries. We recover metals and components from batteries to be used as raw materials for other industries such as mining and pharmaceutical generating labour opportunities for vulnerable people.

SHOWLEAP TECHNOLOGIES: Company specialized in developing technology to facilitate communication between deaf and hearing people using Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. We are developing software that translates sign language to voice and vice versa in real time. In addition, we offer other communication services with interpreters.