85 global companies are ready to join the largest startup community in the world


More than 1800 startups applied to Start-Up Chile. The companies selected come from 13 industries, such as IT & Enterprise Software, Education, Healthcare, amongst others. Founders and their teams will receive 20 million pesos (about US$ 35,000), a working visa for a year and access to the largest startup community in the world to accelerate their startups in Chile.


SUP ministro economia


The second application process for this year, which took place in May, has ended with more than 1800 entries. Now, 85 global startups have been chosen to come to Chile.


In this new generation, the most represented countries are Chile (32%), USA (16%), Brazil (8%), India and Argentina (both with 7%). As for the industries, the most represented are from IT & Enterprise Software (20%), Education (16%), E-commerce (11%) and Healthcare & Biotechnology (9%).



Regarding the gender of the founders, 11% are women and 89% are men. Although female participation is much lower than male participation, Start-Up Chile is working to improve that percentage with The S Factory, a pre-accelerator program launched two months ago, helping female leaders transform their ideas into functional prototypes.


The companies selected for the 14th generation will start the program on 13th October 2015. All the founders must be in country during that week to begin the orientation process and start their experience as Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs.


As a requirement, entrepreneurs must remain in the country for at least 6 months (the duration of the program) and help spread the innovation spirit through participating in social impact activities, sharing their experiences with the chilean ecosystem.


The startups will also have the chance to apply to the new follow-on fund Start-Up Chile SCALE that offers CLP 60 million (approximately USD 100,000) to companies that have significant traction, are generating revenue and that need the extra capital to grow in Chile and expand to the rest of Latin America. Only companies that have first passed through the six-month program will be eligible to apply for this fund.


Generation 14



Pitch in 7 words


4SLearning.org Digital Education in a Box for Rural & Remote Areas – Education Anytime, Anywhere and Anyplace. India
AkibaH Health Corporation All-in-One Smartphone Case Glucose Meter with Application/Analytics United States
Arges Enhanced (Virtual / Augmented) Reality for Enterprise Applications United States
Aveeza Safe, Dedicated School Transport Chile
Be Better Hotels Online technology solutions providers for independent hotels Argentina
BeaconsBuddy Beacons based Proximity Solutions Management Platform Canada
Beagle Contract comprehension and collaboration redefined Canada
Bisu Fashion M-Commerce Discovery App with Recommendations Engine Argentina
Blue Falcon 6 (BF6) Geoinformatics to enable effective farming United States
BROOKLYNESS imagine Jawbone or Fitbit for bikes United States
CInemad.tv Interactive Video Advertising plataform for ROI increase. Argentina
CLAP GLOBAL Travellers visit classrooms, both gain global perspective. India
CloudBoost.io Database Service that not only does data-storage but also does search, realtime and much more. India
CoinSimple Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment tools for businesses Hong Kong
Contagram Cloud-based accounting SaaS for small business Argentina
CVFishFeeder Automatic fish feeding system using computer vision Chile
Daeki The only home saliva based lipid profile Chile
DESCOLA Disruptive Open Online School about Technology, Creativity and Business. Brazil
Desperdicio Cero Innovative sales management of short-dated perishable products. Chile
Distrito Smart Home Local Social network for buildings and condos Chile
EntoFactory Modular sustainable automatized edible-insects farming system Chile
ePet 24/7 Online monitoring system for Dogs. Chile
EuNeném A crowdfunding for mothers reduces pregnancy and maternity costs. Brazil
Eyrie Ground station for commercial UAVs United States
Grey For Water – G4W Reuse of greywater integrating house’s systems Chile
Griti Fast, on-demand tutorial support for every student United States
Guidea A consumer app that does event level engagement linking customers with brands thorugh product interaction. Brazil
Hisk Hisk is the marketplace for R&D professionals Chile
HSTRY Create interactive timelines like a visual blog United States
Ikitoi Toys for the future makers Argentina
InstaFit Online nutrition and personal training for Latam. Mexico
Instinct Robotics Robot Butlers for Warehouses and Manufacturing Industries Portugal
intAR21 Mobile applications focused on Down syndrome children Chile
Junkbot Inc Make your own robots from junk United Arab Emirates
KidsCare On-demand platform for quality and affordable babysitting Chile
Knowledge Maps Discover & share the best roadmap to learn anything online India
Lentesplus Contact lens online store disrupting the market Colombia
Low Cost Hero Flight search for budget airlines United Kingdom
Mad Reading Interactive multimodal reading experience for children Chile
Magi Metrics Sync data from web apps with your spreadsheet. United Kingdom
MAGNIFYx Your dream goes LIVE, Today!
Mercode Web and Mobile Marketplace for grocery shopping Brazil
Mettrik Training evaluation software for HR departments Chile
MIndbender Dynamics Friends developing applications with a social conscience Chile
Movemint Platform and tools for on-demand business models. Peru
Mylo Menswear shopping app that provides style advice. Canada
Novalogy Improve sleep, boost energy, minimize jet lag. Bulgaria
O’Clock Inc. Social Countdowns – To don’t miss out the fun United States
Orienten.me Collaborative vocational counseling platform. Argentina
PathoGen Vid cheap easy fast greapvine pathogen detection kit Chile
Playax Music intelligence platform Brazil
PleIQ Educational smart toys using mobile augmented reality Venezuela
PractiJob Global online marketplace&platform for job interview practise Chile
Prospektas Georeferenced tool that helps defining mining prospects Chile
Remote To PC PC Health Monitoring, Alerts, Remote Desktop Access United States
RentMarket Amazon for renting Estonia
RetinApp electronic and standardized tooth color detection app Chile
Risü Fundraising marketplace turning sells into social donations Brazil
Rutapro Communication suite that help companies during deliveries Chile
SayYeah Virtual Room: Watch and Interact With Friends Mexico
Scoodit Healthy cooking App with visual recognition technology Romania
seeusoon Helping people meet around the globe Spain
Sentimoto Wearable care for older adults United Kingdom
Shel-Life Plant polymer-based coating for fruits conservation Chile
Shot-Q Gunshot Detection System Security solution for public surveillance using acoustic sensors Chile
SimCase Making online education engaging and fun. United States
SponzorMe Marketplace and Relationship Management Tool for Event Organizers United States
Spoted.com Interactive Advertising SaaS for Retail POS Chile
SquareAway On-demand services marketplace for waste collection Australia
Stay In Touch Smartphone module allowing to call without cell-coverage Fiji
Stellup Meet new people within your trusted networks United States
StrokeCare App to help stroke patients United Kingdom
Telecare Vital signs monitoring device and cloud system Chile
TempIt Smart thermometer for cold chain products Chile
Tradimum.com Manage your company and staff from one place. Turkey
TraktoPRO Smart Sale Documents for freelancers and small businesses Brazil
Tri-Benefit Software that offers pre-foreclosure investment opportunities Chile
Trotter Reverse marketplace for relocation services and guidance United States
Turbulent Micro hydropower inspired by nature Belgium
UnlockSpaces Airbnb for Commercial Spaces Chile
vita-fx.org  Virtual  network for patients, medics and administrators Chile
Wireless Solutions High-End Technology for improving water management globally United States
Woopiie Community empowering women through knowledge of sexuality Mexico
Yellow Messenger  : Messaging Commerce Enquire & Order by Messaging with Brands and Businesses India
Youth Campus Digital community of educational institutes Pakistan