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Corey Wride Presents Movie Mouth

Corey Wride, Start-Up Chile participant and founder of Movie Mouth, visited four universities in the Southern Chilean cities of Concepción, Temuco, and Valdivia during the last two weeks to present his experience as a global entrepreneur, and his participation in the program that has brought him to Chile for an extended period of time.

Corey noted that the University students were not the only ones interested in attending his talks, but rather people of all ages and walks of life. He was impressed by their motivation to participate, sharing their own personal experiences and asking him for advice regarding a myriad of projects. “Some of the people that said they were trying to be entrepreneurs said ‘Many people think I am crazy’ or ‘I am working on it’ and the feeling that I got was that they felt alone. The message at the end was that if I’m trying to make it, why can’t you?”

According to Corey, the reception from the locals was amazing. “I felt like a celebrity. I tried to tell them that I haven’t achieved some great level of success, which I am working towards, but it seemed like that wasn’t important to them. One lady, spontaneously during the Q&A, said that she wanted to ‘greet me’ and I didn’t know what she meant. She came to the stage and kissed me on the cheek, and the whole auditorium applauded.”

Cinthya Covarrubias, one of the organizers of Corey’s visit to the Universidad Mayor of Temuco (an event that gathered over 350 people) said that his speech was a total success. “The auditorium was packed. Students and small business owners came to hear him and the dynamic of the Q&A was amazing. It seemed like the audience didn’t want it to end it. The event was fantastic and we are looking forward to bringing more entrepreneurs so they can share their experience.”