4 Ways Chatbots Can Enhance Employee Skills


By Robin Singh

Chatbots are rapidly taking over the world, revolutionizing customer service, finance, e-commerce, education, healthcare, and many other industry verticals. According to some strategic predictions by Gartner, 85% ofcustomer service interactions will be performed by chatbots by 2020.

Chatbots are conversational AI-powered interfaces that use natural language processing and machine learning to understand the context and learn from all their interactions. That’s only one of the reasons why they have gained so much popularity and why they are incredibly useful.

But what about the use of chatbots within an organization? Can chatbots help employees improve their skills? The answer is yes! Let’s find out how they can do it.

Supporting Employee Onboarding

Onboarding can be stressful for new employees, but it can also be demanding and costly for you. This is where chatbots can be of significant help. Of course, you need a human touch to properly welcome new hires and get them through the process of learning about your company culture, policies and everything else they need to work for you.

However, implementing a chatbot into onboarding will make the process much easier for your newbies.  Integrating it with your HR training software will enable your new hires to get all the information they need regarding your company policy, necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviors – 24/7.

That way, they can fully understand your company in a short period of time and start building and honing the skills necessary for contributing to your organization.

Helping with Employee Training

Chatbots can help employees build and improve their skills, serving as instructors that are available 24/7 to offer a helping hand. They can deliver expert knowledge anytime your employees need it.

They can also conduct quizzes and tests to assess the knowledge of your trainees, and generate reports to keep you in the loop. Think of them as your in-house assistants who can be contacted anytime.

You can easily integrate a chatbot into your corporate training software and significantly enhance the learning experience of your trainees.

Your chatbot can send them updates and reminders regarding your training program, as well as provide them with useful tips for performing various tasks effectively.

Chatbots may not be so advanced yet as to answer every possible question your trainees may have, but they can greatly help with frequently asked questions.

If you integrate your chatbot with your LMS software and your centralized repository of knowledge, the bot will be able to provide relevant answers to your learners at any given time.

Integrating it with your corporate training software will be of great value to you as well, as you can keep track of your trainees’ progress and jump in whenever they need help with anything.

Preventing Knowledge Loss

Just like you can use a chatbot to enhance your employee training, you can use it to facilitate knowledge sharing across your entire organization.

It’s quite similar to using chatbots in corporate training, except you give access to your chatbot to all your employees. That way, no knowledge will ever be lost and they can all continually hone their skills.

Again, this is because chatbots are typically available 24/7, so your employees can search for any information they need, whenever they want and wherever they are.

Did you know that, according to a McKinsey report, employees spend nearly 20% of their time at work searching for internal information or tracking down co-workers who can help them with specific tasks?

With a chatbot just a single click away, you can save your employees a lot of time andconsiderably increase their productivity. You can help them get the knowledgethey need, at the right time they need it.

Improving Employee Performance

According to a PwC research, business executives see hugepotential in chatbots regarding alleviating repetitive tasks, such as paperwork(82%), scheduling (79%), and timesheets (78%).

The research also shows that 34% say that all the extra time freed up from the use of chatbots enables them to focus on creative thinking.

With a chatbot at hand, your employees can finish their tasks much faster and use their time more effectively. They can significantly improve their performance and, with it, your business.

Since your chatbot can generate real-time reports, you can have a clear insight into your employees’ performance and take proper action for rewarding them or providing additional training if necessary.

Moreover, your chatbot can provide constructive feedback to your employees and help them continually improve their knowledge and skills. That’s one of the best things about these digital assistants.

Key Takeaways

Chatbots are truly revolutionizing the way we work and learn at work. They are completely transforming the work environment, and we’re yet to witness all facets of their huge potential.

To transform your organization and help your employees build and improve their skills, you should definitely harness the power of chatbots.

Chatbots can help you easily onboard and train new hires, as they can access them 24/7 for any company-related information and advice.

They can also help you prevent the loss of knowledge, as all your employees can access them to search for internal information for helping them complete their tasks effectively.

Last but not least, chatbots can help your employees improve their performance, as they can help with repetitive tasks and provide constructive feedback, also giving you an insight into the performance.