4 ideas for startup PR activities


A startup’s PR activities can be a vital tool in brand building and customer acquisition. Introduce your brand to target audiences and attract investors. Can this activity guarantee you the right attention that you need? These are four ideas for startup PR activities that will drive speed and winning results.

by Giuseppe Giulio


Generate spectacular leads

Get involved with an event as Partner. This is a huge way to generate leads with PR. It’s an effective way to help your startup to maximize the success of your strategy and improve your business in South America. Your startup could appear throughout social media, your logo and URL link could be included on the events website and social pages, and you will have the opportunity to network with prospective leads and monitor how effective your business is as it progresses.

Viral Marketing

PR freelancers allow your startup to focus on the business. Especially, a great professional figure can be the perfect resource to help your marketing team to place articles, land media briefings and grow your media presence along with your business. A PR freelancer will be able to identify specific journals or programs for the industry you are targeting. For example, they provide to do research to find out which media platform is used most by your target.

Attract investors immediately

Why do PR? Because the right media placements at the right times can be used to attract the attention of investors. Given the right contacting and strategy, especially during a crowdfunding campaign, PR increases your business’ credibility as a potential future investment. Visibility online and good social media planning are thought to be prerequisites for attracting hot acquisition targets.

Blog and SEO

Write your own blog because it is a great way to give your company a voice. Informing your audience of company news, expressing viewpoints, and establishing credibility keeps you connected with your targets. Make sure you optimize your blog post for search engines. For example, your keywords are in your title and mentioned again in the blog, possibly also incorporating related keywords and past blog posts within your content. A good SEO activity can provide a unique advantage for your online business that traditional news or magazine outlets cannot provide.

This beginner guide will show you how the right startup PR activities can increase your visibility and help acquire more customers. These few PR tools to build with Start-Up Chile can improve your business’s reputation.