3 Pro Tips (+ 3 bonus!) to be a great CEO


I’m a CEO! Wow, it’s really hard to say something like this. As a CEO, you’re tasked with handling the big questions: What is your biggest aspiration? Do you believe in yourself? Are you ready to support your team? To find the best answers, below are the top three tips (plus a bonus lesson for each!) for learning to be a better leader at Start-Up Chile.

by Guiseppe Guilio


1. Foster a great team

What is your next mission as CEO? Your new reason to become a true leader? You must inspire and engage your team, understand their ideas, and then create something even more valuable than you had before. Your goal as the main leader is to serve others more than they serve you. Figure out what your team needs, and how to break down the overall company vision to fit those needs. Focus on understanding and working well with your team’s style, and then on creating something special together.


2. Learn from connections

Make connections. Knowing the right business people, in the right places, can get you anywhere you want to be. Do you want this? Go to as many networking events as possible and get the contact details of people who work at companies you are interested in. PR activities are hugely important for your business – so introduce yourself to professionals, connect with them, and grow your network! And, don’t forget to make good use of your Linkedin account!


3. Believe in yourself

It sounds cliché, but it’s a must if you really want to get to the top and change the world with your business. The following 3 concepts are some of the most important skills and qualities you will need to become an amazing CEO: business acumen, self-awareness, and self-confidence. Believe in your capabilities, stay focused and confident, and make your dreams come true. It’s time to start, and it starts with us CEOs!


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