Latin America: Why Not?

Chilean Scene

Starting a business can be frightening. Nail biting. May give you nightmares, make you lurch for the night-light. No matter your latitude, longitude, continent, town, or province there are many reasons starting out as an entrepreneur is daunting–some places more than others.

In Latin America there are many nations leading surprisingly entrepreneur-friendly lives. Chile, for example, is the #1 country in the world in amount of signed Free-Trade agreements, boasting over 20. In terms of number of hoops to jump through when getting a business off the ground, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, and Chile are the least demanding nations in the world [1].

Jonathan Gheller, founder of, has hit this exact nail on its head with a presentation he recently gave at Stanford University delineating the reasons why it is 100% feasible that “the next Google” originate in Latin America.

After seeing, you will certainly want to say, “sí.”

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