Entrepreneurs share in the press!


The BBC published about Latin America and the current “entrepreneurship fever”, as they phrased it. Start-Up Chile is, of course, mentioned, and Vivek Wadhwa, one of our advisors, refers to the cultural change and the challenges ahead. Check it out, HERE!

EpicList keeps making noise! This time, at This is Chile’s website. Read HERE!

Pick1 keeps making noise back in Italy! Paolo privitera hopes to inspire fellow italians from San Francisco. Read HERE!

Alex Asher is the founder at TopTrainer, and he just published a piece inspiring New Zealand,  his home country, to launch its own Start-Up Chile like program. Read it, HERE!

Patrick McGinnis is one of those investors we’d love to keep around. He invested in Wehostels when Start-Up Chile and everyone around it were just a promise. Now that Wehostels is doing so great -got acquired by Student Universe- McGinnis thought it could be good to visit Chile and see first hand how were things going. He was so impressed by what he saw that he blogged about Chile’s entrepreneurial ecosystem at The Huffington Post and titled his piece as follows: “Why Silicon Valley Should Write Chile a Much Deserved Thank You Note”. WOW! Check it out, here. 

Anna Heim published an amazing piece at The Next Web, exploring what did 2013 mean for tech in LatAm. She devotes some attention to our collaboration with Start-Up Brazil. If your country is trying to promote startups, too, we are happy to join forces! Read Anna’s piece at The Next Web, HERE.

Start-Up Chile alumni behind Gympact announced on TechCrunch that they are relaunching as Pact, and adding diet-oriented features. This app gives you money if you make your fitness goals and eat healthy: perfect to shed those extra pounds gained during the holidays! Get the details, HERE! 

Simon Papineau is the founder and CEO at Crowdsourced Testing, and part of our 5th generation. He later on joined Wayra, and is spending some time sharing insights about the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem, HERE. 

The Next Web published a list of great startups to keep an eye on during 2014. Suppers from AentropicoCityheroes, and Nubelo  are included. Check it out, HERE!

Seedstarsworld published a really interesting infographic about the Chilean startup ecosystem. Start-Up Chile is  -of course!- included, and so are some great Start-Up Chile startups such as GoPlace It, Edoome, and Totus Power. Check it out, here! 

Susan Cohen is an expert on immigration laws- Cohen is the founder and Chair of Immigration Practice for law firm Mintz Levin. She visited our family some weeks ago and decided to publish about what she saw on Venture Beat. Her blogpost explores our multicultural community and how other countries are totally missing out when they decide to keep immigration policies that are not beneficiaries for entrepreneurs. Read Cohen’s piece, HERE.

If you dare, you can check out what they are saying about Start-Up Chile, in Spanish. Puedes leer esas noticias aquí!