2017 Scale Gen 5 Announcement

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SCALE is a program for top performing startups that are incorporated in Chile, have traction and are looking to scale in Latin America and globally.


This round Start-Up Chile welcomes 20 companies seeking additional capital to scale and expand in Chile. Each recipient will receive up to 60 million CLP equity free through a co-financed grant corresponding to 70% of their fund, the company must then contribute the remaining 30%.


Each business will work from Chile for 12 months, participating in the acceleration process, growing their network and attending events. A requirement of the program is that the founders contribute to the The S Factory as mentors. Start-Up Chile has a rich culture of sharing knowledge through mentorship and programs such as Founders Lab.


Next year we will welcome:


Cinemad.tv: Cinemad.tv optimises your video and increases your sales conversions. ‘We create, distribute cross-device, measure and optimize the interactive campaigns of our clients to generate more return on investment.’


Myhotel: Myhotel is a personalised service for independent hotels transforming customer satisfaction into revenue . ‘Improving the reputation and level of service of your hotel to enhance your occupation’


Phage Technologies: Phage Technologies creates biotechnological technologies capable of adding new functions to animal and human food, thus providing solutions to the most important problems of industry and production. ‘We generate innovative, technological and sustainable products for the food industry’


Kiron: Kiron develops tools that facilitate and improve the quality of life of those who suffer from Neuro-Musculoskeletal diseases. ‘Put our talent at the disposal of those who need it, helping to make a better world, making money from our investors and bringing technologies and innovations to people’


Drivin Spa: At Driv.in we are changing the way you plan and execute your route, allowing our clients to improve their competitiveness and deliver a quality service to their final clients. ‘An intelligent solution to best manage your fleet’


 Edoome: Edoome wants to make your life easier, for that we offer you free online tools like sharing class material and receiving your students’ papers saving time for 85% of your teachers on a weekly basis. ‘Reduce your workload with friendly technology’


Eggless: Eggless focuses on the elaboration of innovative products of high quality, protecting animal integrity and ensuring the sustainability with the environment. ‘The healthier alternative to mayonnaise’


Vendetú: Vendetu is a platform that connects vendors with suppliers of different products in order to reach the end customer directly. ‘Our goal is to revolutionize the direct selling market, allowing millions of existing sellers in the world to connect with brands that need a sales force’.


Postedin: Postedin is an on-demand content platform. Request articles, publications for social networks, e-books, infographics, videos and much more. ‘Relax and let Postedin take care of producing your content’.


 Finix Services: Finix Services offers administration and financial accounting to external and independent operations to investment managers and investment funds. ‘Management and financial accounting support to investment management’.


Trinus Roaming:  Trinus Roaming have developed a sim for when travelling you will have voice service and data that will simplify life. You can use it on your Smartphone or Tablet.  ‘Calls, browsing, listening to music or whatever you need wherever you need it, no longer limits your trip because of roaming!’.


Medical Agenda Online:  Medical Agenda OnLine is a Web service oriented to health care providers, doctors and therapists that allows you to handle your appointments and appointments through a safe and reliable platform. ‘Medical Agenda On Line creates a bridge between the offer of health benefits and patients, expanding the possibilities of choice with a lower price’.


Manga Corta:  Manga Corta, produces and distributes t-shirts designed by the community. Developed a platform to open your own store, upload your design and every time you sell you earn a commission. ‘Choose from over 10,000 designs. The coolest and the best quality!’


Queop: Online and real-time tool to measure customer satisfaction. It allows to replace the old claims book  and to promote “brand promoters” in social networks.


Firstjob: Firstjob is a platform that connects students and young professionals with experience from 0 to 2 years, offering real opportunities for professional development in the best companies in Chile and Colombia. ‘Work in the best jobs in Chile, Colombia and Latin America. Big companies are waiting for you’


YEY Toys:  YEY Toys creates action toys and collectible figures. ‘We are YEY, and we dedicate ourselves in bringing pop icons into life thru toys’ .


eGlow: eGlow is a technological platform that allows brands to carry out marketing campaigns in social networks with renowned influencers. ‘Improve your personal branding and generate greater confidence in the messages delivered to your followers’


Edguestor: Edguestor improves your students’ scores with quality assessments and instant reports. ‘Innovative system that considerably decompresses the workload of teachers’.


Smartraining: Smarttraining develops simulators for virtual reality training, which allows users to practice all kinds of work procedures.


Lirmi.com: Lirmi aims to impact the quality of education in Latin America through the incorporation, development and maintenance of best institutional and pedagogical practices. ‘We know that education is the basis of every society that is thinking about the future and we are convinced that passionate and committed teachers must have tools to facilitate their work’.