2011 Round #2 Now Closed!

Headquarters, News

We’re excited to announce the closure of 2011’s second application process that has been open for one month and was the second application process following our successful pilot program in 2010. Applicants from around the world have again flocked to apply to Start-Up Chile, seeking to be the recipients of the US$40k equity-free seed capital that we provide to selected entrepreneurs who will take part in converting Chile into the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of Latin America.

Applications will now pass through several intensive evaluation processes executed by YouNoodle and, ultimately, by the Chilean Economic Development Agency’s Sub-committee of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Then, the results will be delivered to each applicant on September 21st. Only at that time will we announce the numbers behind the application process including number of applicants, nationalities, industries, etc.

If you are selected to participate in the program, you will receive specific information about how to begin the visa processes, etc. once you have been notified of your acceptance (after September 21st). And for those entrepreneurs who did not meet the deadline, we will open another application process in October of this year.

We look forward to revising the entries and seeing the hard work that the entrepreneurs have put into their applications; and we really look forward to announcing the final selected startups in September.

Thank you very much to all the entrepreneurs who applied– we look forward to meeting you in Chile!