2011 Application Process to Open February 15th


After successfully opening our doors to 23 teams of foreign entrepreneurs in 2010, Start-Up Chile officially announces the aperture of the 2011 application process, planning to select up to 100 applicants during the year’s first trimester.  The goal for the year, as a whole, is to attract up to 300 entrepreneurs.

The process will commence on the 15th of February and is open to entrepreneurs of all nationalities currently residing outside of Chile (including Chileans living abroad).

Criteria the applicants will be judged on include:

  • quality of talent and commitment of the founding team members,
  • international market potential of the project, and
  • value of the applicant’s affiliated networks that will be injected into the Chilean entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Judges determining the scoring of said criteria will be industry experts, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs with strong backgrounds in executing and advising startups.

Applications must be submitted via the Start-Up Chile website, www.startupchile.org/apply, where further information regarding application and participation in the program, including the legal terms and conditions, can be also be found.  Submitted items must be completed in English by only one applicant per startup (who will then act as the legal beneficiary of the $40,000 subsidy).

The submission deadline will be on March 15th, 2011, judging will begin on March 22nd, and approved applicants will be advised of their status on the 25th of April, 2011.  To achieve the goal of attracting up to 300 approved projects, two other application processes will be opened throughout the duration of 2011.  They are tentatively scheduled for July and October.

For any questions please browse the FAQ document on the Apply page of the Start-Up Chile and after reading those, if you have further questions please contact us at: stgo@startupchile.org.