1715 Applications From 64 Countries for our 10th Gen! We Feel so Loved!


Your interest and passion for Start-Up Chile makes our heart warm. We love all the hard work you put into your applications, and we sincerely hope to choose the very best 100 startups for our 10th Generation!

1715 startups from 64 countries applied to Start-Up Chile between March 4th and March 25th. The selection process begins now to select the next 100 startup companies whose entrepreneurs will receive $40k equity-free in seed funding and the opportunity to establish themselves in Chile for six months.

The projects represent a myriad of industries ranging from IT & Enterprise Software, to E-commerce, to Healthcare & Biotechnology. The most represented countries among applying founders are Chile (54%), United States (13%), India (10%), and Argentina (8%). We can´t wait to meet entrepreneurs from Luxembourg, Slovakia, Ukraine, Vietnam and Ghana!

Most of the applying projects are devoted to IT & Enterprise Software, (17%), E-commerce (13%), Social Media (also a 13%), and Education (10%).

Start-Up Chile´s Executive Director, Horacio Melo, said:  “We are humbled by the interest that so many entrepreneurs of the world show about Start-Up Chile. It’s very exciting! We are the largest startup community in the world and are ready to welcome another batch of 100 entrepreneurs who will join the startup revolution that is taking place in LatAm.”

YouNoodle will now review the applications, which will be screened later by the Committee of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Corfo. Each applicant will receive an acceptance or rejection letter by May 30th.