154 Startups Selected in Start-Up Chile’s 2nd Round of 2011!

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After receiving over 650 applications during the one month application period that ended in August, Start-Up Chile announces that 154 startup companies (see complete list here) have been selected to participate in this year’s second round of the prestigious and world-recognized program. The goal is to provide capital to 300 startups by the end of the year.

Slated to arrive in either November, 2011 or January, 2012, the 154 chosen startups hail from 33 different countries representing a myriad of industries and many of the best  educational institutions in the world including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, the London School of Economics, and the Indian Institute of Technology.

The United States is the most largely represented country with 35% of the selected startup population– the countries that closest follow in number of applicants are Chile, Canada, and Argentina with 27, 12, and 5 applicants, respectively.

39% of the selected startups fall into the Enterprise software and IT industry, while the E-commerce and Trade sector tails closely with 35% of the applicants. Other well represented areas include Mobile and Wireless, Social/NGO, and Energy and Cleantech.

Each participant passed through a series of rigorous evaluations conducted by venture capitalists, active entrepreneurs, and specific industry experts, as well as by the Committee of Entrepreneurship and Innovation that presides over InnovaChile. Jean Boudeguer, Start-Up Chile’s Executive Director, affirms that “Start-Up Chile has been very well received by the international entrepreneurship community. In turn, this has allowed us to attract more than 1000 entrepreneurs to apply in one month’s time, demonstrating that Chile is truly becoming a global innovation hub.”

Congrats to everyone, we can’t wait to see you in Chile!