1509 applications submitted from 61 countries! Good luck ya´ll!!


Countdown is over! Last night, at 23:59:59 on July 10th exactly, application process for a fifth fundind round at Start-Up Chile closed its doors. We are excited, proud, cheerful and just SO HAPPY to let you know that 1509 projects are now competing for a place in the Start-Up Chile family. Start-Up Chile received 1509 applications from 61 different countries, and the projects represent a myriad of industries from Social Media to Energy and Natural Resources. Many applicants were graduates of the world´s most prestigious educational institutions including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, MIT, London Business School, and Oxford University. The most represented countries among applying founders are Chile (39%), United States (12%), Argentina (6,6%), Brazil (4,9%), India (4,9%), Peru (3,3%), Spain (2,7%) and Canada (2,2%). We received applications coming from a wide range of countries including Romania, Estonia, Philippines, Poland, Somalia, Vietnam, Morocco and Azerbaijan, among many others! Also, if we take into consideration team member´s countries and nationalities as well, the number of countries represented on this application process goes up to 71 countries. Now THAT is diversity!

Most of the applying projects are devoted to Social Media ( 17,9%), followed by E-Commerce (14,2%), and by IT and Enterprise Software (13%).

The evening prior to the application´s deadline, the staff at Start-Up Chile stayed up via Twitcam to answer applicants’ questions and help them walk through the application process. We hope that was fun and helpful! During the application process (June 25th to July 10th), Start-Up Chile´s website received more than 50.000 visits coming from 146 different countries. Thank you so much for listening what we had to say!

Given the outstanding number of applications received (they more than double our previous application process), Start-Up Chile´s Executive Director, Horacio Melo, said: “These stats are really satisfying and they also give us many good signals. One of those is that Chile is becoming a strong innovation hub that can attract talent coming from over 70 countries. That´s great to know. Another very positive information is that the number of Chilean applicants is growing, and we think this is happening because they now see that our own country is an excellent platform to go global. Chileans are realizing that the local ecosystem for entrepreneurs is stronger than ever and that it is absolutely possible to create solutions from Chile aspiring to be global. For the Start-Up Chile staff, this also means a lot of responsibility, as we must make sure this ecosystem keeps going stronger and those coming to Start-Up Chile are able to find absolutely everything they need to build a successful business”.

YouNoodle will now review the applications, which will be later on screened by the Committee of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Corfo. Each applicant will receive an acceptation or rejection letter by August 31st, the day after our upcoming DemoDay. Another application process will open in October.

Best of luck to all of you!