Folks becoming entrepreneurs is such a great thing to witness


One of Start-Up Chile´s major goals is to spread the word about entrepreneurship in Chile. We want everyone to feel the confidence to live their lives to their full potential, be the best they could ever be. To accomplish this, to change people´s minds, we work with different communities (universities, companies, NGOs) so members of the SUP community can help each of these actors grow and become innovative entities.

To help with this cultural shift we are talking about, we do our best to connect all the different actors interacting in the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem with all kinds of entrepreneurs, and last week we had a pretty awesome experience. On Thursday, we attended an award ceremony in Lo Barnechea, were a group of 30 women were being awarded after a year of “entrepreneurial training”.  These series of classes and training sessions for them is an initiative co-organized between the Municipality of Lo Barnechea and UAndes Emprende, from Universidad Los Andes.

Two suppers gave a motivational speech at the ceremony. They spoke about how everyone is able to make a change in their lives by opening their eyes to the unexplored opportunities available in every market.

At the end of the ceremony, this group of new micro-entrepreneurs shared their stories with Start Up Chile participants. Now we look forward to stretch our alliance with them. We can´t wait to see all these ladies building a new future for themselves, braking a few chains and starting their own entrepreneurial journey.

Featured pic by  Panda.* on Flickr (cc)