110 Selected Startups, in Numbers


As we have recently announced, 110 diverse startup companies have been selected to participate in the first round of Start-Up Chile’s 2011 program, hailing from 28 different countries and representing various industries pertinent to each sector of the economy.

With the numbers broken down a bit further, the newly selected participants comprise the following statistics:

Startups per nationality:

46: USA
13: Argentina
10: Portugal
6: India
4: Brazil
3: Germany, Canada, Chile
2: Spain, France
1: Australia, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Guatemala, England, Israel, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.

Gender distribution

101 male-run startups
9 female-run startups


8 Ivy League graduates
8 Stanford Alumni, 3 MIT Alumni
In addition to alumni from: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, UCLA, USC, the London School of Economics, Goethe University, Technion, and Johns Hopkins.


25%- E-commerce & Trade, Enterprise Software & IT
9%- Mobile & Wireless
8%- Social/NGO
6%- Economics & Finance
5%- Biotech & Bioinformatics
18%- Other

The selected startups will begin arriving to Chile this June and will remain in the country for six months while developing their business, using Chile as a platform to go global.