Traveling the world to help you with your application: get ready for our 10th application process!


Join Start-Up Chile’s meetups around the world and get ready to apply to a network of +800 startups from +65 countries! Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs are traveling the globe to share details about the program and give advise to potential applicants. Between March 4th and March 25th, 2014, you’ll be able to apply and receive 40k and a Work Visa to come to Chile and accelerate your startup: let’s get those applications ready!

More than 8200 founders have applied to Start-Up Chile since it began, but only a few startups will get a chance to join its 10th generation. During February and March, Start-Up Chile and its entrepreneurs will host meetups around the globe so you can learn more about what we do ( and how to submit the best application. You can learn more about the program’s Terms & Conditions at and you can email your questions to

If you want to live the Start-Up Chile experience, please submit your application between March 4th and March 25th via Start-Up Chile’s website ( Applications will be reviewed and judged by industry experts, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs.

Visit our meetups and get ready to apply!

– Cordoba, Argentina. More info

– Lima, Peru. Universidad del Pacífico.

– Queretaro, Mexico. More info

– Jakarta, Indonesia. More info

– Madrid, Spain. More info

– Copenhagen, Denmark. IT University More info

– Copenhagen, Denmark. CSE. More info

– Gold Coast, Australia. More info

– Brisbane, Australia. More info

– Lima, Peru.  More info

– Madrid, Spain. More info

– Los Angeles, USA. More info

– Milan, Italia. More info

– Chihuahua, Chihuahua. More info

– Valparaíso, Chile. More info

Osorno, Chile. More info

– Santiago, Chile. More info

– Arica, Chile. More info

– Iquique, Chile. More info

– Coquimbo, Chile. More info

– Copiapó, Chile. More info

– Concepción, Chile. More info

– Valdivia, Chile. More info

– Puerto Montt, Chile. More info

– Vancouver, Canada. More info

– Tokyo, Japan. More info

– Buenos Aires, Argentina. More info

– Bogota, Colombia. More info

– New York, USA. More info

– Istanbul, Turkey. More info

– Barcelona (ACCIÓ), Spain. More info

– Belo Horizonte, Brazil. More info

– Barcelona, Spain. More info

Ankara, Turkey. More info

– Mannheim, Germany. More info

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. More info

– Guadalajara, Mexico. More info

– New Delhi, India. More info

– New York City, USA. More info

– London, UK. More info