10k startups applied to join a NEW entrepreneurial revolution!


Last night, we closed our last application process of 2013: we received 1910 applications, which means that more than 10 thousand startups have applied to join Start-Up Chile since its inception! There is a startup revolution taking place in South America, and everyone is choosing Start-Up Chile as their door to Chile, the booming entrepreneurial hub of LatAm!

For our 9th generation, we received 1910 applications from 66 different countries, setting a whole new record. The selection process begins now to select the next round of suppers: each founder will receive $40k equity-free in seed funding, and the opportunity to establish themselves in Chile for 7 months.

Just 3 years after Start-Up Chile got started, 10 thousand startups have shown their interest in this fast-growing entrepreneurial hub, applying to join the program. Start-Up Chile has grown to become the largest startup network out there with +750 startups from +60 countries. Moreover, the power of the growing startup community in Chile is changing local laws, attracting new VC funds and accelerators, and getting Chile included among the best startup hubs of the world according to studies by the OECD, Startup Genome, GEM, the World Economic Forum, and LAVCA.

Horacio Melo, Start-Up Chile’s Executive Director, said: “It’s been years of hard work, with successful and not-so-successful stories, and we now understand that everything that has happened in the past 3 years paved the way for these 10 thousand applications we are so proud of. Last night we welcomed 1910 applications for our 9th round, and we hope to select an amazing group of entrepreneurs to come to Chile and keep growing and strengthening a community based on collaboration and social impact. There is a startup revolution going on here, and we can’t wait to select and welcome those who’ll lead it.”

The applying projects represent a myriad of industries from Social Media to Energy and Natural Resources. The most represented countries among applying founders are Chile (34%) United States (11%) Argentina (10%) and India (5%). Most of the applying projects are devoted to IT and Enterprise Software (14%), E-Commerce (13%) and Social Media (12%).

YouNoodle will now review the applications, which will be screened later by the Committee of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Corfo. Each applicant will receive an acceptance or rejection letter by December 9th.