100 Days of Games for Growth: Week 1 highlights


Inspired by the book 100 Days of Growth, Plinq is using games in 100 different ways to grow their business. Find out more about the 100 Days of Games for Growth campaign here.

Here are the highlights from week 1.

Tip #1 The Free Company T-shirt

As an example of a non-digital advergame, Plinq turned their company T-shirt into a word game. In this blog post they give examples of how other companies have used non-digital advergames to promote their businesses.

Tip #2 The Welcome Email

Instead of an email, Plinq built an experimental game to welcome new subscribers to their blog. To check out the game and receive updates from their game marketing blog, subscribe here.

Tip #29 The Top Posts Digest

In the last 4 months, Plinq has written a lot on advergames and the role they play in marketing. Here is a list of the top 10 blog posts from that period.

Tip #5 The Education-Focused Email Series

In this blog post, Plinq explains how games can be used to educate customers about your product, services and brand. However, if you prefer traditional media, you can sign upfor Advergames 101, a weekly email course that will introduce you to the concept of advergames.