1 of 20: The Social Radio Selected to Pitch at Mobile Premier Awards

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As announced by the globe traversing organization, AppCircus, the top 20 global apps from their 2011 World Tour have been announced, one of which being The Social Radio, a 2nd Generation Start-Up Chile participant from Argentina. Each selected startup is invited to pitch live for Best App of the Year at the 6th Annual Mobile Premier Awards (MPA) on February 27th, in Barcelona– which happens to coincide with the Mobile World Congress. The MPA is the largest open global cross-platform app competition in the mobile industry.

The Social Radio and the other 19 applications “were selected by an international jury of mobile industry heavyweights, including experts from Facebook, Twitter and Mozilla out of 47 other AppCircus World Tour winners from 26 countries world-wide,” comments the MPA. Amongst the finalists, were emerging and established app developers from Brazil, Germany, Kenya, Romania, South Africa, United Kingdom, the United States, and, of course, Argentina.

Roberto Gluck, one of The Social Radio’s founders, says that “it’s such a big honor for us to be competing with other great apps like Touchy Books, The Hand and TagWhat.”

To see the full list of competitors click here and if you are interested in registering to attend the event, click here.

The Social Radio Team