Investor Club

The goal of Investor Club is to connect Start-Up Chile companies with the right follow-on funding opportunities by developing strong relationships between founders and investors early on in the program.



Our club is currently composed of over 90 proven private investors and Venture Capital funds from across the world. In joining our Investor Club, your company will have access to information about the most promising companies in our program as well as privileged access to their very early funding rounds  (more information – one pager).

We support between 200-250 companies per year and we have more  than 1,300 startups from 79 countries from different industries in our portfolio. Our success stories come from medical devices to online marketplaces. In total, our global startups have raised $400m in funds and are valued over $1.35bn.

How it Works

Members of Investor Club gain access to promising deals though early and timely exposure to the Start-Up Chile portfolio.

  1. Upon the arrival of a new batch, members of Investor Club will receive information regarding each batch:
    1. TSF / Seed – brief company description, industry, development stage, fundraising goals
    2. Scale – company one pager
  1. Members will receive exclusive invitations to Start-Up Chile events: Tech Evenings, Intro Days, Pitch Days, Demo Days, Investor Gala.
  2. Members can schedule 1-1 informal chats or investor meetings with companies of interest during the program.
  3. Members will receive exposure on Start-Up Chile website

In exchange for these benefits, members of Investors Club are expected to:

  1. Set aside 3 hours each month for open office hours with Start-Up Chile founders (in person or virtual).
  2. Maintain strict confidentiality of information shared by Start-Up Chile.
  3. Actively participate in Start-Up Chile events, office hours and investor meetings.

Although Start-Up Chile cannot force a deal, membership preference is given to serious and active investors. Start-Up Chile will review the activity of the club every 6 months and non-active members may lose membership and its associated privileges.

Becoming a Member

You can become a member by filling out this form.


For any questions or doubts, please contact Astrid Borgna.