Oh, you, rockstar, you made it! You are now A SUPPER! 101 startup companies have been selected to be part of Start-Up Chile´s fifth generation. Hailing from 37 nations, these 101 teams were selected among a very competitive pool of 1509 applicants. 

SoilGene-  Poderopedia- Rhyboo S.A- Meleva- Worksurfers- Low Cost Neuroscience Gear for Latin America- Parsimotion- Inaika- Viralica- Videoflot- Nubelo- Schmooze Butler- BCN SCHOOL- Trovali- AdMetrickst-Art Fashion-MarketeerBroccol-e-games- Kid Bunch- Event 38- Oroeco- Instiglio - Planet Expat- Envia Lá- Meetapp- U2B (you2business team)- Suitfly- AltoCinco- Simpleprint- Fidus Writer- EduRise- Transfair- Easy Vino- RentHackr- Meliuz- treadalong- surftripmap- OONiAUTOFACTLocal Energy Technologies- Woopie- Sinbad- Paxer- USAdelante- Picovico- Metrik- EcoSwarm- funfork - HazlaFacil- Razient- ELEMENTOSHealthBox- Soundtrackr- Startup Quest- BlastboardAppscend - CrowdTNT- CABIFY- WRITTING BEES- Deemelo- DiabetoCranberry Chic- Perch- Renersol- FeedbackMachine- ContentForest- Floqq- VIDZEY- LegalFácil- Class on the Cloud – CATechSensor- Sobresalen- LatamLeap- Scarp Technologies- Reachoo- Lingorami- VideoVivo, Inc.- Koopters- Scribz- Social DJ- Fit with Friends- QA on Request- MIDAS- DIGITAL GOLD- Pace4Life- Webilot CeoPanel- JuicyCanvas- Recensus- Solera Energy- Knowrom- VO-FAIR- Battlebards- MarketJS- Mache.A- HBU for Health

Wanna know more about them? Well, the most frequently represented country for the very first time in Start-Up Chile´s history, is Chile! (26% of the selected), followed by the USA (24%), Argentina, Brazil, India and the United Kingdom (4% of the selected, each). We are SO HAPPY to have entrepreneurs coming from countries as diverse as Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Nepal!

And about what they do, our stats indicate that Social Media is the most strongly identified industry (16% of the selected), which is then followed by Education (14%), e-commerce (13%) and IT & Enterprise Software (8%). Remaining categories include Energy & Clean Tech, Healthcare and Biotechnology, Media, Mobile & Wireless, Natural Resources, Social Enterprise and Tourism.

We can´t wait to have this new generation of suppers here!


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