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Core Values

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Our vision? Convert Chile into the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of Latin America by attracting the world’s best and brightest entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups in Chile. Our goals? To create a $1b company, and globalize the Chilean entrepreneurship culture. With that in mind, these values will guide our staff and participants to foster the Chile of the future and to further the world’s next game-changing enterprises.

The Group!

1. Face Value

We wholeheartedly value transparency, sincerity, and integrity as means to creating lasting relationships between the Start-Up Chile members and the community that surrounds us. Being loyal and direct with one-another is fundamental to fostering a flourishing community of solidarity and, in that manner, we will be able to maximize our networks and credibility.

2. Dare NOT to be Square

We always seek new options and embrace change while being open to listening to opinions different from our own. Thinking and re-thinking creatively, optimistically, and dynamically is how we characterize ourselves.

3. Create Extraordinary Things

Within the guiding light of innovation, we want to constantly create new things that seek to break conventional ties. In every instance there should be space and liberty to take risks, think in grandiose terms, and to rise above the average.  This way, we as a program and our anything-but-average participants will achieve the extraordinary– impacting humanity on a global scale.


We think that if you have an idea or see a unique opportunity to make a change– you’ve got to do it!  Daring ourselves to try, to fail, and to learn along the road is a way to affect change and, if we don’t take it into our hands, who will? Make your own decisions. Convince others to do the same. Always be a leader and follow through on what you propose.

5. Head/Heart Balance

Passion, determination, and perseverance are core values of ours that are, essentially, the building blocks required to create something you believe. We must also be able to put our heart and soul into our ideas without losing focus and objectivity.

6. The Tribe

We are true to our Start-Up Chile community– only that way will we create a powerful impact within the community around us. We are open to sharing experiences amongst ourselves and others and are always on the look-out for new team-building opportunities because then, each day, we will be stronger than before.

7. Never Stop

We must always thirst to be up-to-speed with the world’s innovations, seeing how we can be part of it, questioning how we think and how we do things– each day striving to improve. Don’t wait for others to do what you could do yourself.