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1421 applications submitted from 60 countries! Best of luck, friends!

ITS OVER! Last night, at 23:59:59 on October 8th exactly, application process for a sixth fundind round at Start-Up Chile closed its doors. We are SO HAPPY to let you know that 1421 projects are now competing for a place in the Start-Up Chile family. Start-Up Chile received 1421 applications from 60 different countries. Applicants come from the world´s most prestigious educational institutions including Columbia University, London Business School, Oxford University and the MIT. The most represented countries among applying founders are Chile (38%), United States (14%), Argentina (8%), India (4%), Spain (4%) and Brazil (4%). We also have entrepreneurs applying from countries never represented before at Start-Up Chile, such as Trinidad & Tobago, Latvia and Uganda!

Most of the applying projects are devoted to E-commerce (17%), Social Media & Social Networks (17%), IT & Enterprise Software (13%), Education (7%), and Tourism (7%).

The evening prior to the application´s deadline, the staff at Start-Up Chile stayed up via Twitcam to answer applicants’ questions and help them walk through the application process. Thank you so much for listening what we had to say!

YouNoodle will now review the applications, which will be later on screened by the Committee of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Corfo. Each applicant will receive an acceptation or rejection letter by November 29th, same day of SUP´s DemoDay. Another application process will open in March, 2013.

Best of luck to all of you!


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